Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products


FalconMere is a “commodity solution provider” with a particular focus on arranging and integrating the physical supply of energy commodities with the financing and hedging of oil, currency and performance risks. Our tailor-made solutions in energy commodities trading, while seeking to maximise income in time-traded energy transactions, has as its principal goal, optimising the balance of risk and quality of income or returns. It follows therefore that each proposal we make is based on a thorough understanding of the unique nature and perception of risks within the client’s unique operations.

Our typical areas of activity include:

• Structured Strategic Petroleum Reserves Management (SPRM) for Governments
• Structured Crude Oil Trading and Equity Production Pre-Finance
• Multi-Commodity Barter Time-Trades with Oil/Energy as a base
• International Supply and Trading of Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products
• Domestic wholesale supply of refined petroleum products

FalconMere is able to independently source products through its local and global and networks, and to operate as a principal counterparty in the supply of products to customers. These products include:

• Crude Oil
Crude oil is sourced under an exclusive term agreement with ENI S.p.A., a significant global oil producer and trader, particularly as regards the important supply arenas for South Africa. See related announcement at our “News” tab.”

• Condensate
Supply arranged in cooperation with ENI as above.

• Diesel
• Petrol / Gasoline
• Reformate / Toluene / Xylene

If you know from recent history that the size of the supplier you’ve working with is not related to the quality and integrity of their approach in analysing and optimising your energy requirements, then talk to us! You will be further reassured to know that our contracted outcomes are secured by major financial institutions.


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